History of Indian Cinema English

History of Indian Cinema is a concise database chronicling 98 years of Indian cinema, from its inception in 1913 to months before the date of publication. Author Renu Saran takes a look at Hindi cinema as well as regional cinemas, listing the successful and path-breaking movies of each age, major actors and directors and awards, and achievements, arranged according to region and industry. This book also includes a set of interesting inside details about the functioning of the industry in different points of time, such as the training facilities available to actors, the process and criteria for film certification and the kind of equipment used. This kind of information would capture the imagination of some of the most ardent lovers of the movies and add another dimension to their understanding of the movies they love to watch. This book is noteworthy for laying more emphasis on our diverse and brilliant regional film industries compared to the Hindi film industry that often eclipses them when it comes to garnering audience's attention, both in India and abroad. History of Indian Cinema was published in 2012 by Diamond Books and is available in paperback. Key Features: Th