Monologues That Will Make The Audience Cry - Mexican Citizen Dreams

In the monologue Mexican Citizen Dreams, Miguel talks to his “American” friend about wishing he was an American citizen.

MIGUEL: I just need the chance. You know, just one chance. We don’t ask for much. We work hard and for almost nothing. We risk imprisonment and death by jumping the border to come to this country. We clean toilets, we wash dishes, we do not mind doing the things that a white man would not want to do. We will do whatever it takes to be a citizen.

I miss my family. I have a little girl back home in Mexico. My wife. I miss them very much you know my friend. I send them money. I live enough to pay rent and eat food. One day I dream about having my family live with me in the United States. I love this country but I am not allowed to take legal residency here.

I do this all for my family, to get away from the drugs. It is very bad where I’m from my friend. I don’t believe in the drugs and work over there is not enough to support my wife and daughter.

I want to be like you…to make a good life worth living. That is all, you know. I am not so sure anymore if my wishes will ever be…not with what is going on right now. Not sure how much longer this will last. I am afraid.

Right now I am bus boy but one day I wish to be chef. That is my American dream.