Monologues That Will Make The Audience Cry - Ferarra

A petrified Freddy Ferrara talks to his brother Richie’s answering machine from a payphone. This is Freddy’s last attempt at contacting a loved one before he runs for his life.

FREDDY FERRARA: Hey Richie, it’s Freddy, your brother, ah, I know you probably heard by now what happened last night at the club but I just wanna let you know, don’t worry, everything's okay. I-I didn’t get hurt too bad or nothin’. I’m alright. I just been riding the subways all night, thinking about a million different things.

You rememba when we wuz kids. Like seven or eight years old. We wuz playing air hockey downstairs in Uncle Jimmy’s basement. It was at Christmas. I remember, nobody would give me a chance to play. So I kept asking you if you would have a game with me and you finally said yeah, let’s play.

And everybody started laughing cause they all knew that I would never beat you. And it was whoever makes it to seven first wins. You were destroying me the whole game. You were up like six nothing. Rememba? And I was trying so hard just to score one goal. Just to show that I had what it took. My fingers started going numb. Just before I threw in the towel, you gave me this look that said, DON’T QUIT. And that one look you gave me, made me feel like I could really do it.

So I kept hitting that puck with everything that I had in me to hit it with and then all of a sudden, BAM, I caught the puck just right, I sent it flying straight across the table and WAM slammed it right in for the goal. And everybody that was there, that was laughing in my ear the whole time. They all got quiet like right? But you, you looked at me and said, NICE SHOT KID.

You know I always been trying to score on my own Richie but whatever I do, I’m always screwing up. Even when I do something good, it’s like no big deal. Just like that hockey game was. Instead everbody likes to criticize me and talk behind my back like everybody knows what’s good for me right? Making me feel like some kind of loser right? And I ain’t no loser! I ain’t no loser Richie!

Ah Richie, I’m in alot of trouble man. I might have killed him. It’s not my fault Richie, he came at me, I swear to God, you gotta believe me.

Listen, this is my last chance, alright? I ain’t coming back. I can’t come back cause if I come back they’re gonna kill me. I’m just gonna keep going Richie. Just gonna keep going until nobody knows where to find me. Alright?

I never wanted to let you down. I never wanted any of this to happen Richie, okay? I’m sorry. Just don’t hate me. Please don’t hate me…