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Casting multiple roles for extreme metal gore music video.

Casting multiple roles for extreme metal gore music video.
Shoot date 1/24. Paid shoot, rates will be discussed with eligible applicants.
Please include any relevant experience or knowledge in your submission. Please only submit through email - PMs and comments will not be attended to.
Please send relevant materials to: [email protected]

DOCTOR | Male | Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic | Age: 25 - 80 | Role Type: Leading
Transplant team medical examiner pathologist surgeon. This "doctor" role will perform live organ harvests on a very unhappy patient. Any medical knowledge or experience in the horror/gore genre is welcomed. Improv skills are a plus.
PATIENT | Male | Caucasian, Multi-Ethnic | Age: 18 - 45 - Updated: 1/18/2021 | Role Type: Leading
Live Organ Harvest Donor. The Patient will be prepared for organ harvest by the doctor without pain medication. Applicants should be prepared to yell and scream, as his organs are harvested one by one. This character appears shirtless with a hairless chest. Prosthetic special effects will be fastened to actor's upper body. Improv skills are a plus.
MEDICAL TEAM AND SECURITY | Male | Any Ethnicity | Age: 18 - 40 | Role Type: Supporting
The "Medical Team" will get the live donor into the operating room by any means necessary. Once in, they will supervise the patient and dispose of others as necessary. Stage combat/physical acting experience is encouraged for this role. Improv skills are a plus.

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